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The Fayette Regional Humane Society Foster Program

Did you know that he Fayette Regional Humane Society does not have a shelter to house the abused, neglected and stray animals we rescue?

We rely on foster homes. These are concerned volunteers who agree to care for an animal until an adoptive home is found.

With spring coming an influx of new kitties will soon follow! New Foster Homes are needed. Please consider opening your home or garage to animals that need a place to live, recuperate, or mature until they can move on to their new home and adopted family.

Can You Help?

The volunteer provides a safe and secure environment. They feed, clean and give health treatment as needed on a daily basis.

How Long Will The Animal Stay?

The length of time an animal remains in foster care varies according to the situation. Some animals are ready for adoption within a few weeks. Other animals may be in poor health and need time to recover before they can be adopted.

*In the case of a pregnant or nursing animal, the offspring will be weaned and adopted then the mother is prepared for placement. All animals are vaccinated, dewormed. spayed or neutered if possible, and given necessary medical care. As a foster parent you assess their personalities and suitability for permanent placement.

It is wonderful to watch these animals thrive because of your love and care. The animals can’t express their gratitude but you have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped to give them a chance at a good life.

If you are interested in our Foster Care Program please email us, Call Melyssa at 740-335-8126, or drop by our office:

Fayette Regional Humane Society
153 S. Main St. Suite 3
Washington Court House, Ohio 43160