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Operation Cat Snip

The Problem of Feral Cat Overpopulation

Operation Cat SnipStray and feral cat overpopulation is a community challenge, locally and all over the country.  The number of feral cats in the United States is estimated to be somewhere between 5 and 10 million. Outdoor cats have lived alongside humans for thousands of years, and have learned to survive, with some help from us, from the city to the countryside.

Feral Cats are Not Socialized to People

Because these community cats are not socialized to people, they are not adoptable, and will nearly always be euthanized when brought to shelters. Feral cats can live full lives outdoors, and by spaying and neutering, we can work to control the otherwise endless increase in population.   

Trap and Euthanize Does Not Work

Trapping and euthanizing these cats is expensive, cruel and endless.  Studies have shown that the vast majority of people do not want these cats euthanized.

What Can We Do?

Spaying and neutering community cats is the most effective method of population control. Operation Cat Snip surgically sterilizes community cats resulting in fewer homeless cats and kittens. Over time, this will significantly decrease the number of stray and feral cats in our neighborhoods. Thanks to a generous grant from the Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust, we were able to purchase surgical equipment and are performing the sterilization surgeries in our Adoption and Business Center. Our goal is to sterilized 400-500 community cats every year.  If you would like to volunteer to help us with Operation Cat Snip or would like to enter cats into the program, please contact us at: 740-335-8126 or email us at:

or more information about stray and feral cats and how trap,neuter,return can help control their population and help them to live better lives, visit Alley Cat Allies