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Fayette Humane Society


Abuse and Neglect:

The Humane Society is the only organization in Fayette County responsible for enforcing the humane laws of the state of Ohio. The Humane Society employs 2 trained and certified Humane Agents who are available 24/7 to respond to calls of abused, neglected, injured or abandoned domestic animals. The Humane Agents will take steps to rectify any abuse or neglect, from issuing warnings to filing charges.


The Humane Society adoption program finds homes for over 400 kittens, puppies, cats, and dogs each year. Because the Society does not have a shelter, we work through a system of foster homes. All animal's health and dispositions are checked, tested for infectious diseases, treated as needed, and then spay or neutered. Adoptable animals are listed on, taken to PetCo in Chillicothe, PetSmart in Beavercreek, and adopted locally. Click Here to find how you can adopt!


The Humane Society offers a program of assistance to needy Fayette County pet owners to have their dogs or cats spayed or neutered. The program will pay up to 1/2 the cost of the procedure when performed by local veterinarians.Click Here for more information.

Animal Assistance Program:

For households at or below the poverty income level help with food, vaccinations, spay/neuter, and veterinary care can be provided free of charge.


The Trap,Neuter,Return program offers an alternative to euthanasia for unowned, stray and feral cats. Feral cats are spayed or neutered and join colonies under the care of committed caretakers who provide food, water and shelter. As new cats enter the colony, they are also spayed of neutered. Click Here to learn more.


The Humane Society sponsors an education program called Kind News. This program provides fun and educational newsletters for city and county classrooms, as well as other children's organizations. The newsletters are produced by the National Humane Education Society and provide age-appropriate information about animal care and welfare.