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Fayette Humane Society

April 2016 Edition

Animal Cruelty Prevention Awareness Month

Last year, Fayette County Commissioners signed a proclamation declaring the month of April as Animal Cruelty Prevention Awareness month.

The Fayette Humane Society is the only organization in Fayette County available to respond to calls about abused and neglected domestic animals.The Society employs two certified humane officers whose responsibility is to uphold Ohio humane laws by investigating complaints of cruelty to animals. They are available around the clock, ready to respond to emergencies involving domestic animals who need immediate medical attention or to investigate severe cases of cruelty to animals.   
In 2015, the officers investigated 242 cases of cruelty to animals and responded to over 63 after hour emergencies involving domestic animals. Officers were able to assist and rescue over 463 animals.

Humane Officers Danyel Bageant and Brad Adams are uniformed law enforcement officers who have completed humane agent basic training through the Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission. The officers have been sworn in by a local judge and have the capability of full arrest power in the performance of their duties to protect the welfare of animals under Ohio statutes. Our canine adoption coordinator and animal care technician Bobbi Honicker is scheduled to be added as a third humane officer to help cover in the absence of our other officers. 

Officer Bageant graduated from Northern Virginia Community College with an associates degree in veterinary technology to become a registered veterinary technician. Danyel worked as a veterinary technician seven years. Officer Bageant has now been in humane law enforcement for the past 10 years with the Fayette Humane Society. Danyel is not only one of the humane officers, but also an office manager where she manages the day to day operations in our Adoption and Business Center. She also utilizes her veterinary technology training during surgery days at the Humane Society clinic, assisting veterinarians. Bageant has completed the State of Ohio Humane Agent Training through the Ohio Peace Officer's Training Commission.

Officer Adams began his career in humane law enforcement at the Fayette Humane Society 17 years ago where he was a humane officer for four years. Officer Adams left the Humane Society and became an animal control officer for the City of Greenfield and later, a police-911 dispatcher for the Greenfield Police Department. In 2013 Officer Adams rejoined the Fayette Humane Society as a humane officer. In addition, Brad is the Outreach and Education Director. Brad is also an investigator and response team member for the Ohio SPCA. Officer Adams has completed the Ohio Humane Agent Basic Training through the Ohio Peace Officer's Training Commission. 
In addition to the required state training, he has completed other advanced training including: Specialized Animal Cruelty Investigations, Advanced Interview Analysis and Interrogations, Dog-fighting Investigations, Investigative Photography, and Officer Safety.

We are very proud of our Humane Officers. Their dedication to the protection of animals is unmatched. Despite working in some very difficult circumstances, Danyel, Brad and Bobbi can be counted on to do their very best for every animal who needs them. Fayette County has three experienced and well trained officers protecting domestic animals.

Join our Foster Team

The kitten tsunami is on its way! Most kittens are born in spring and summer, placing tremendous pressure on our resources. The shelter is not the best place for these babies, who will thrive in a home environment. You can give these kittens their best chance by becoming a foster. As a foster parent, you will care for the kittens until they are ready to go to their forever homes, and you will be rewarded with the knowledge that your love and care is helping to save the lives of these babies. The Humane Society provides training, food, and veterinary care. Please provide a home for these little ones and give them the best chance to grow up happy and healthy. For more information, please call us 740-335-8126.


Sick Cat Becomes Blind & Finds a New Home 

When I first saw Saul, both his eyes were terribly infected, he had scratched a deep wound behind his right ear due to severe ear infections, and he was very thin. I was not sure we would be able to save him. Then I reached out to touch his head and he gave me a welcoming head butt and a purr. That was it - Saul had the desire to live and we would do all we could for him. 

It took us weeks to get the ear infections under control and to get the wound healing. The problem was his eyes - they had been so severely damaged that the discomfort made him squint. We did not know if he could be adopted - until some very special people came along. Saul and his new family bonded immediately. We sent home eye drops and ear treatment. Saul was getting fat and happy - he loved his new home. But - he was still squinting, which meant his eyes still hurt. And, they were so damaged that his eyesight was very poor. We finally decided to remove both his eyes. 

Saul did great. I think he was relieved to have the pain gone. He gets around his house without a problem and is dearly loved by his new family. We knew that we could remove Saul's eyes because cats (and dogs) have much more sensitive senses of smell, hearing and sensation that we do. They use their other senses to get around in their environment.

We are happy that we could help Saul have the loving home and pain-free life that he deserves.